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During the height of the Black movement, Serjão Loroza was just a boy from the suburbs and before his eyes was happening something revolutionary. “James Brown, Gerson King Combo and Tony Tornado, dancing, in a whole new way. That, to me, was something impressive. First dance captivated me and then I started getting involved with the sound”. Serjão Loroza with these references creates its roots and turn them into a source of inspiration for his multifaceted career and it stands as a performer who sings from “Carnival Marchinhas”, to MPB classics plus the standards in world pop music.

At the early steps of conception Loroza’s new project is a turning point and very special to him. Loroza Brass Band in his own words “will surprise everybody with the multiple possibilities that the brass instruments can replace a guitar or a keyboard and will recover the old sound of fanfare adding to that new electronic and percussive elements“. Among talented brass players as Marlon Sette, Alex Caldi, Diogo Gomes, with Domenico Lancellotti playing the drums this Brass Band will make this new project an experiment searching for new sounds. Domenico also sign the Musical Conception leaving to Caldi and Marlon the brass arrangements. “The motto “less is more” is what motivates me now, adding layers and playing differently.